It’s about time Indian authorities woke up to the reality the major cities of the country are reduced to global terrorism’s killing fields and dumb those cliched responses to the so-called terrorist incidents.

The latest incident in Mumbai is a case in point – immediately after which politicians clamored for television ‘space’ offering ‘sound bites’ in a bid to outdo one another with their theatrical condemnations. It is so sickeningly predictable and depressing. What a sorry state of affairs!

As many as six major incidents in the last decade and we still have nothing more than the same old theories being propounded by the same old politicians with the same old constipated expression, at all times surrounded by gun-toting body guards.

The media willingly falls into the trap, highlighting and publishing those non-responses.

All this while people, whose only interest is to go about their daily business in the hope of feeding their families, bleed to death on the streets like hunted animals.

Yes, Mumbai is resilient – India is resilient – but do the people have a choice? One day off work would mean pay cut, hunger.

Meanwhile politicians sit in their comfy homes and offices and appear momentarily in public surrounded by Black Cat protection, read out the standard responses to television cameras and then go back into hibernation to emerge once again after another incident.

Why can’t these politicians, who pretend to be God’s gift to the country, get into a huddle for once and hammer out a plan to completely eliminate terrorism and let everyone breathe a sigh of relief?

Why are they not able get someone like Ajmal Kassab to the gallows, he who had mowed down scores of innocent people? Why is the main accused in the Parliament attack several years ago still alive despite being sentenced to death?

The reson is we as a nation are complacent. We have decided to take huge amounts of garbage in the form of political rhetoric  – and we the people are so getting used to suffering.

We should move quickly to get things right. Because, if not now, it never will be!